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A Chinese vessel rescued 29 people from the sea off Papua New Guinea's east coast after a ferry sank Thursday with more than 300 people on board, said China Maritime Search and Rescue Center on Thursday.

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Li noted that a countdown has begun for the opening of the eastern channel, while the central channel will go into operation in 2014.

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For example, a new government came into power in Japan, which was interested in changing its relationship to the US and to China. The new government wanted to remove the US military base at Futenma in Okinawa, become more independent of US policy, and to improve Japanese relations with China.

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This week’s uncertainty has plagued copper prices, which are widely considered a bellwether for global economic growth.

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What to someone is good-natured or a bit unfair to someone else is racist. These comedians, they live in Beijing. Sometimes they have a love-hate relationship, but ultimately they wouldn't be here if they didn't like it.

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